i have a brand; how can i get my product stocked in gigi goods & co?

We love hearing from all walks of life and seeing what you spend your days making and designing, so drop us a line at hello@gigigoods.co and if it is something we think would suit Gigi Goods & Co, we shall be in touch as soon as possible. We try to keep as local to NZ & Australia as possible, however there are certain exceptions and so we would still love to hear from you. alternatively you can head on over to our Wholesale page and fill out the form there.


I am buying online as a gift for someone...can you add a personal note & gift wrap this for me?

Absolutely! Let us know in the 'notes' section of the checkout that it is a gift and if you have a personal message and we shall wrap, write and send on your behalf.


how do i purchase something i have seen on social media that is not on the website?

Get in touch with us via hello@gigigoods.co and we can let you know of availability...


i want to feature gigi goods & co on a blog or in  publication?

We love to be featured on blogs/websites, in magazines/papers &/or social media. Get in touch at hello@gigigoods.co for all press enquiries and we can discuss this further. 


would gigi be interested in parking up at our site/cafe/office/event?

Gigi Goods & Co is keen to work with as many people/places as possible and we love to park up at lots of friendly weekend and weekday haunts. We would love to hear from you if you have a location/work place/event that you would be keen to have Gigi parked up trading with and alongside you. hello@gigigoods.co


I am a creative human and i am looking to host a workshop; would gigi goods & co be keen to collaborate?

Whether you are a florist, wreath-maker, wine & cheese connoisseur, calligraphy writer, Gigi Goods & Co wants to chat... Wouldn't it be fab to host workshop evenings by the lake, or ocean where we can invite locals to learn a new skill. Let us know if you want to host a workshop out of a caravan for something a touch different? Cosy rugs, & cushions for outside chilling will be available, festoon lights and a jolly good day/night to be had by all. hello@gigigoods.co


basically just drop us an email with any questions you have! if you haven't already caught the address, it is hello@gigigoods.co! See you around!