George & Willy sign for Gigi Goods & Co

After my last post, I had a trip to Ashburton to catch up with Martin (the genius behind the caravan reno!) and pass him on some details that are to go with the caravan. One being this sign that I got from the gorgeous George & Willy website! They have the most amazing (& handy) collection of goodies on there and this sign was something I had eyed up for a little while! So that being said, the card came out and I purchased it with no idea how to assign it to my little lady Gigi.

However, with a little brainstorming once back with Gigi, I figured that what I want is to have it so that once I stop and I am open for business somewhere, I can pop the sign up outside the caravan to show we are open. Whether I pop 'OPEN' on one side of the sign and "GIGI GOODS & CO" on the other...I am not sure, but that will come at a later date. For now, I have left it in Martins hands to design a little platform for me to stick the sign on to (obviously when only at a standstill!).

More from my most recent trip over, I had to figure out all the lighting that I wanted inside. *tough one!*

I honestly could say that I had simply NO idea! But with talking through it all with Martin and some Pinterest help, sure enough, I had worked out some ideas. I don't want Gigi to be full of lighting inside as I have a feeling that with my love of fairy lights, they would have something to do with her at some point. I have a neon heart dimming light which will feature on one wall as you walk into Gigi, so that will be fairly bright in itself.

Lighting was the last piece of the puzzle before we officially start work on her, so now this is all underway, Gigi is being torn to lots of pieces and hollowed out, ready for her makeover and for me to get her back through the calving season to make my interior touches.


Wholesalers - if there is anyone reading this that has their own business (predominantly within NZ or Aus, please feel free to drop me a line or get in touch via our Instagram @gigigoodsco to share with me your product. I would love to see what everyone gets upto and for potential stock for Gigi this coming summer?


Georgina Skinner