Work Starts...behind the scenes!

Gigi has been a bit of a 'behind the scenes' project lately! There isn't really any physical updates to show you yet, but I have been working on all the collateral to go with her; including business cards, with, the odd storage drawers etc for inside and the identity I want Gigi to have. I am trying to save as many costs as possible by not using a design team as it is going to be costly to get Gigi renovated so this has all been me! I am no graphic designer, but it has been a challenge. This does of course mean, spending endless hours trying to come up with something that suits the style of what I am trying to create with the caravan. I can share with you the logo which after playing with 1 trillion ideas - the final one is so SO bloody simple! 


I have also created a short/logo version which could be stamped etc. Again keeping it simple - this one is not the FINAL edit as I am playing with some other ideas, but it will be within the same sort of style and design.


All going well....I won't change my mind AGAIN! I feel it is something I am finally happy with and I want it to be cohesive with Gigi's look and style.


Next week I am off over to the East Coast to go visit the team and have a meeting to finalise all plans, renovations and design details. This will be the beginning of the work on Gigi and I am so excited to get it all underway. Once there are updates that I can share, I will post them up here and on Gigi's Instagram . Follow along to watch the journey of Gigi Goods & Co; I am super excited to share more details soon.

Team G x

Georgina Skinner