Bringing Gigi Home... a wet, windy and wintery wild West Coast of New Zealand. The axel was dodgy, the roof leaked, and the warrant CANNOT have been authentic, but she made it. Gigi was home and tucked up in the garage, now not to be touched or looked at for months to come. Calving season on the farm was about the begin and everything Gigi related, had to temporarily be placed on hold until I could get some time to think a bit more about what I wanted to create from this metal tin shell of a beauty! 

The closest I got to looking a bit deeper inside Gigi was through sheer excitement of getting this venture underway, I purchased 4 test paint pots in Greymouth so that I could paint over some of the walls to see what colour I wanted to have her inside. This was months ago now, and I promise you, I could not now tell you what one of those paint names were...

Gigi has been in Ashburton for a while now, sitting waiting to be quoted up for some of the big jobs that I could not possibly do myself, and having a busy farmer for a partner, there certainly is not enough hours in the day to enlist him! So, I had a little bit of work done on the underside of Gigi so that we could tow her back over the hill and get her safely parked up and quoted up for work to start in the beginning of 2017.

Follow us here and on Instagram to watch this adventure of Gigi's progress in and out of the work shop and do feel free to get in touch should you have ANY questions or any advice on restoring an old caravan....

I shall post up some inspiration and ideas of what is to come and keep you up to date with possible and potential tour dates and start points for the end of this year.

Happy Summer

Georgina Skinner